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Bride of Brave and Dandi Long Form Improv Show


Returning from hiatus, The Dark Corner once again presents a recording of the long form improv show, Bride of Brave and Dandi. In Victorian London, two star-crossed lovers pine for the clean air of the north. Additionally, Oompa Loompas wager on which kid will die next. Also, hear orphans at a pizza party and time travelers in a giant birds’ nest. All this was recorded live at The Comedy Loft in Ogden, Utah. Brave and Dandi return with their two-person, long form improv show on the 9th of December.

Before that, your hosts bid farewell to a previous web host. Furthermore, Brandi and Dave recommend you subscribe to the bOrgcast, a podcast reviewing episodes of Star Trek. Meanwhile, you can support Jim Moon on Patreon. Jim produces the Hypnogoria podcast which features well researched topics and reading from the weird and wonderful.

In Dungeon & Dragon news, Chris joins the party as a Tielfling Warlock. Hear about enslaved miners and Gray Dwarves. Also, hear how a talking wolf manages to avoid climbing down a rope. Find out the usefulness of an Eldritch Blast.

In superhero news, your hosts review The Punisher TV series. For instance, they discuss post traumatic stress disorder and the themes of family and revenge. Furthermore, Brandi reviews Batman vs. Superman and The Justice League. She discusses good moments among many bad ones. For instance, she shares her thoughts about the new characters of The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg.

Also, your hosts review Stranger Things 2. What did they think of the new character, Max? Furthermore, find out what they thought of the controversial episode that takes place in Chicago. How did Brandi’s experience with the second season compare with the first?

Finally, Brandi appears on an episode of The Edge with Amy Nelson and Heather Barker. They compare the themes presented in Star Trek: Discovery to events in their own lives. You can listen to it through

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