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Dog Year Afternoon

The Dark Corner Podcast celebrates Chinese New Year by talking the Dog Year. First, we cover the history of the Chinese Zodiac. Also, we explain why dogs hate cats. Second, we go over the traits of those born in a Dog Year. For instance, positive traits include loyalty, courage, and discipline. However, negative traits include anxiety, aloofness, and pessimism. Primarily, Dogs live for truth and justice. Ironically, famous Dogs include Donald Trump and Justin Bieber.

Following that, we talk about The Greatest Showman. We show how the movie differs from history. Also, we talk about the Oscar nominated music. For example, we show how the music supports the themes. Furthermore, we talk about the cast of Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, and Michelle Williams. Meanwhile, Brandi peeks behind the scenes. Second, we review Jumanji. Dave admires how Karen Gillan played an awkward teenager. Meanwhile, Brandi admires how Jack Black played a popular girl. Also, we show how the movie used video game motifs.

Also, we share our thoughts and feelings on the winter games. Brandi cries during a performance of Imagine. Meanwhile, Dave notices subtle symbols of Asian culture. In sum, we found the opening ceremony to be impressive and touching.

After that, we review in brief the deck-building game, Legendary. We review the Marvel version of the game. Dave buys the X-Men expansion and finds it difficult. Meanwhile, Brandi buys the Captain America set and very much likes it. We warn you that you must get the core set to play. Moreover, we cover the basics of the game and what you get for your money.

The Dark Track of the Fortnight was submitted by Diana of the EBM band, Junksista. They perform Bitch This is My Party. Junksista comes from Southern Germany and can be found on the Alfa-Matrix label.

Finally, Dave shouts out Diana of Junksista for providing music for the Department of Evil. Meanwhile, Brandi shouts out Chris Bodily for joining our team of adventurers. This leads to a discussion on Dungeons & Dragons, especially how different alignments and classes can work together towards a common goal.

We here at the Dark Corner Podcast wish you a safe and Happy Dog Year. For additional podcasts on the Chinese New Year, check out our previous episode on the Fire Cock.

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