The Dark Corner Podcast Justice for Brave and Dandi

Justice for Brave and Dandi

The Dark Corner Podcast is proud to present Justice for Brave and Dandi. In this double stuffed episode, we feature The Point and a recording of our two-person improv team.

First, we banter and discuss the importance of personal stories. For instance, allowing your audience into your life makes you more relatable. It helps in live comedy as well as in podcasting. Dave illustrates this point by sharing a story about bullying in school.

In reviews, Brandi kills zombies and crafts items in Dead Rising 4. After that, we review Black Lighting. We tread carefully as we discuss social justice and diversity on television. For instance, we point out how Black Lightning reflects the current political climate. Also, we discuss how some members of the white audience struggle to relate to the show.

DJ Evil Dave presents the Dark Track of the Fortnight. Yade comes from Aarau, Switzerland. This solo artist offers his music for free. Lay Down the Law is a slice of dark electro with an anti-fascist twist. In keeping with the theme, this song speaks of standing up for justice. It comes off the album, Front Line Reports.

Additionally, we play a promo for Spontaneation. You can find this improv podcast on the Earwolf network.

Mainly, we discuss the eleventh card of the tarot, Justice. First, we cover the basics of the tarot. Second, we go over the symbolism of Justice. Third, we refer to the numerology of this card. For example, we relate Justice to the Priestess, Judgment, and the number two cards of the lesser arcana. Finally, we talk briefly about the inverse meaning. If you would like to know more about the tarot, check out our episode on The Wheel.

As a bonus, we play audio from our live improv show. This time, we visit an ’80s themed diner and an Irish pub. Additionally, hear personal stories of your hosts creeping out families and irritating optometrists.

Finally, we shout out Haleigh for bring a friend to the improv workshop. Meanwhile, Brandi shouts out Patrick for cohosting Warp 5 on

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