The Dark Corner Podcast

Rising from the ashes of The InsideOutcast is The Dark Corner. Brandi (Dr. Brandi Sexyvoice) and David (DJ Evil Dave) Jackola started podcasting in 2009, before most podcasts were about any one subject. Each fortnight, Brandi and Dave discuss The Point of the podcast, which may be anything they fancy at the time. The Point has included movie commentaries, actor biographies, and profiles on the signs of the zodiac.

Based in Utah, the nerdiest state in America, The Dark Corner might report from Salt Lake Comic Con or may record a Dungeons & Dragons gaming session. However, being self-confessed goths, Brandi and Dave might feature a Dark Track of the Fortnight or may present a music special. Furthermore, Brandi and Dave share a love for comedy, having three years experience in improv, sketch, and some stand-up.

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