FanX 2017


Salt Lake City sees the return of the FanXperience or FanX 2017. Therefor, nerds from all over descend upon the capital city to engage in their particular fandoms. For instance, your hosts meet a variety of celebrities. First, Brandi meets her number one, Zachary Levi of Chuck and Tangled. Next, Weird Al makes a funny face.. Meanwhile, Cary Elwes proves to be an amazing person. Furthermore, Brandi buys a skirt and a peasant blouse. Also, your hosts buy art from Chris Bodily, AKA Hatrobot.

Day 2 brings a photo op with Chris Sarandon. Next, Brandi and Dave buy lightsabers. Also, Brandi bumps into her sister, Brooke. Finally, Daniel Panabaker poses with your hosts. The experience had its ups and downs. Now, hear about those experiences in this, our review of the Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience 2017.

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