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New Years Political Protest Music Special


Welcome to the New Years political protest music special. This is one of a series of music specials.

Say goodbye to 2017. We bring in 2018 with a music special. Kaiser Chiefs perform I Predict a Riot. After that, Dave presents the theme. How is music used to protest? For instance, how did Vietnam change music? Also, why do we not hear political protest music today?

Next, two tracks sample audio from right wing pundits. Firstly, Spenca presents Do It Live ft. Synclan. This track samples Bill O’Reilly’s famous temper tantrum. Secondly, Goldishack Guerrillas presents Lazy Fat Stupid American. This track features Rush Limbaugh. Dave talks about activism.

Dave reflects on Christmas. He lists his gifts. Also, he shares experiences from playing Dungeons and Dragons. For instance, Dave’s paladin takes the Oath of the Raven. Meanwhile, their fighter/rogue buys a pirate ship.

Following that, Abe Fillman remixes Rebels in Kontrol by KMFDM. This is the Occupy Wall Street mix. Secondly, Mailuna performs American Anarchy. Dave discusses ways to protest.

In this segment, Dave discusses policies. For instance, he talks about the haves and have nots. Firstly, Miserylab performs Children of the Poor. Secondly, Cauda Pavonis presents Peace Through Superior Firepower. Dave talks about imperialism. Also, he addresses the defense budget.

Finally, Dave plays a couple of fun tracks. First, Yade fills the dance floor with Partytrooper. Second, My Woshin Mashin honors John Carpenter. They play They Live. Following that, Dave talks about Russia. He mentions the underground Russian music scene.

Finally, Dave offers peaceful ways to protest. For instance, try charity work. Examples include Still Buffering. MBMBAM also contributes to charity. Dave closes the show with The Politician by Erin McKeown. We wish you a happy New Year.

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