Rogue Year Live


Brandi and Dave bid good riddance to a rogue year. In an unprecedented live performance your hosts discuss the year that was 2016. For example, they talk about the cabinet of Donald Trump. Dave ponders how Trump would run a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Additionally, Brandi and Dave discuss the celebrity deaths of Carrie Fisher, David Bowie and Alan Rickman.

Firstly, in obsessions Dave builds Metal Earth model kits. His latest build is more than meets they eye. Also, he receives an unexpected Christmas present. Meanwhile, Brandi enjoys her record collection. She mentions her favorite albums so far, which includes My Chemical Romance and HIM. On top of that, Brandi lists a few albums she would like to purchase in future.

Furthermore, Brandi rates a few of her favorite subscription box services. Even the cat, Nobi, gets a special box delivery. Dave wears comfy clothing. However, he also starts a cosplay wardrobe. Meanwhile, Brandi enjoys gifts of jewelry and body lotion

Also, Brandi and Dave review Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. They look at how this film has developed into the best of the prequels.

For the Dark Track of the Fortnight, Dave introduces Hermetic Delight, a shoe gaze band from France. They perform an uptempo cover of The Cure’s The Funeral Party.

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