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Sagittarius Ninth Zodiac Sign

Sagittarius ninth sign of the zodiac is the topic for this episode. Dave flies solo this time. Meanwhile, Brandi plays video games in the other room.

First, Dave reviews some Netflix series. He discusses both The Good Place and Garfunkel and Oates. This leads to Dave listing some funny women. For instance, he mentions Jackie Kashian and the hosts of My Favorite Murder. Other funny women include the hosts of The Feminine Critique podcast.

Also, Dave reviews Gran Torino. He takes a modern approach at this tale of a white savior. Furthermore, he compares Clint Eastwood to other directors. Not to worry, Dave finds some good points as well.

In the news segment, Dave has fun designing magical items. No, not really. He designs them for Dungeons & Dragons. Furthermore, Dave reveals some secrets to world building. He illustrates how he based the gods on the tarot. Also, Dave creates a number of devils in the same way. He bases them on Dante’s Inferno.

Next, Dave present the Dark Track. Golden Apes is a gothic and dark wave band from Berlin, Germany. Dave plays The Archers, a gothic folk song from the album, The Langsyne Litanies.

For The Point, Dave discusses Sagittarius. The ninth sign of the zodiac is explored in full. First, Dave points out the symbolism of the Centaur. He talks about how the sign illustrates the animal, human, and spiritual aspects of Sagittarius. Meanwhile, he supports this image by tracing the path of the sun through the degrees of the constellation.

Secondly, Dave points out the traits of those born between November 22nd and December 21st. Positive traits include warmth, intelligence, and curiosity. Sagittarius can also be superficial, reckless, and judgmental. Meanwhile, Dave discusses how Sagittarius behaves romantically or in a work setting.

Thank you, Sage Goddess, for your expertise. If you enjoyed this episode, check out the previous show about Scorpio.

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