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The Son of Brave and Dandi Christmas and Star Wars Special

Welcome to the Son of Brave and Dandi Christmas and Star Wars Special. Firstly, we present an overly long podcast. Secondly, we include audio from some live shows. We begin with some banter. Primarily, this involves a virus infecting your hosts. After that, Brandi describes her toy R2-D2. Meanwhile, Dave gets a new laptop.

In reviews, we discuss Star Wars: the Last Jedi. On one hand, Brandi enjoyed it. Meanwhile, Dave took issue with the storytelling. We address the plot beats, there performances, and the overall theme. After that, Dave features the Dark Track. Jordan Reyne performs her new single, Song for Winter Solstice. Name your price to receive a download of your very own copy of this song.

In the point, your hosts offer recordings of some live shows at the Comedy Loft in Ogden. First, we review the unconventional Christmas film, The Legend of Hell House. Dave struggles to recall the details. Meanwhile, Brandi remembers everything including a cliffhanger in the nostril of Mr. Deutsch. After that, we present a recording of yet another Brave and Dandi improv show. Hear a suspect doubt the validity of eyewitness statements. Witness the panic of a self aware gingerbread man. Experience the bickering of a stranded couple. Finally, observe Christmas elves as they consider the dark magic of Santa. Like what you hear? Check out our other improv shows.

To close us out, Dave welcomes Matthew back to Dungeons and Dragons. Meanwhile, Brandi extends a thank you to Brandon and the family. We wish you a merry Christmas. Have a safe and happy holiday.


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