The Strange and Deadly Show

Having both been in the horror podcasting arena for several years, and admirers of each other’s work in 2014 Chris Clayton (Goreboy Radio) and Tom Elliot (The Gentlemen’s Grindhouse, The Twilight Zone Podcast) joined forces to bring you The Strange and Deadly Show.

Not wanting to merely retread the often visited areas of horror podcasting, they decided to investigate the often obscure world of the Section 3 Video Nasties List. A list of films from the 1980s that fell fowl of the BBFC witch hunt of that time. The lesser known sibling of the Section 2 Nasties List, Section 3 runs between the well known (Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre) to the obscure (Brutes & Savages, Invasion of the Blood Farmers) and everything in-between.

Join Chris and Tom on their journey through the Strange and Deadly world of cult cinema…